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Being an overthinker SUCKS. Big time.

Trust me, I know. I overthink EVERYTHING. It only causes anxiety for us. Especially when we don’t know whether or not we’re right or wrong.

Here’s a few tips for those of you who are dating an overthinker.

1. Be straightforward about what you want. The more confusing you are, the crazier your significant other will be. We just want you to say what you want. Is that so much to ask? You can’t send mixed signals. You have to be straightforward. It’s as simple as that. DON’T BE CONFUSING.

2. Never tell them you’re planning a surprise for them. If you’re going to surprise them, make it 100% surprising. Don’t just say “I’m going planning your surprise” and leave it there. Your significant other will think of every possible situation: good and bad. This can either be really bad or really good for you. If their ultimate decision is that it’s going to be a bad surprise, and it’s a great one…then you’re good. If the ultimate decision is this amazing surprise that’s way over the top and probably impossible, then anything you do will be a disappointment. Lesson here: don’t give off any hints to a surprise if you are planning one.

3. Body language means everything. As an overthinker myself, body language tells me everything I need to know. For example, if a guy chooses to sit next to me when there are plenty of other options of seating choices, then I start thinking about the implications of this. Usually, I’ve found if that happens, there’s some kind of interest: whether it be friendly or romantically depends on the situation, but still. You better learn all about body language and what everything you do says about you fast if you want your relationship to be straightforward and to the point (as it should be. See #1).

4. Watch what you say…especially on social media. This one is the most important, especially if your significant other is a girl. Before you start dating, nine times out of ten, they’ve looked you up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to see what’s important enough to you to post. You can learn a lot about a person by their social media pages. If you don’t want your significant other to know something, DON’T POST IT. Everything on social media is up for game for not only the overthinkers, but for everyone. The overthinkers will read into everything you’ve posted. If it’s vague, they’ll wonder who’s it about. Nine times out of ten it’ll be: Is this about me? 

5. They’re detail oriented…usually about everything. Make sure details are always taken care of. Overthinkers are usually good at logistical things, like planning, because they can think of every possible situation and use that to their advantage. For example, if I were to plan a date, I’d have all the details accounted for. I’d even have a back-up plan just in case something didn’t work out. As the one dating an overthinker, you’ve got to think like them in this capacity. You don’t want them asking “what now?” You need the details to be taken care of in everything that involves any kind of pre-planning. End of story.

So basically to sum up this article. Pay attention to details. Every little thing you do is going to be thought about…and thought about…and thought about. Also, be straightforward. Your overthinking significant other will appreciate it.


This is an inspiration passage from my devotional yesterday and I felt like I would be robbing the world if I didn’t share it.

“No one should have to deal with a disease like cancer alone. No one should have to sit in a hospital waiting room alone while their spouse or child or parent is in surgery. No one should have to stand at an open grave alone. No one should have to go through a divorce alone.

Take a moment to assess the relationships in your life. Who really knows you? Who gets you? What risks do you need to take and what secrets do you need to share in order to improve the quality of your relationships? God wants you to connect to him and to his people and develop meaningful relationships. You‘ll never fully get the wind back in your sails until you do.”

There’s nothing better than going home. Unlike most college students (well at least the ones I know), it’s what I look forward to most. I love talking to my mom about, well…everything, and watching the History channel with my dad, and arguing with my brother over whether or not Georgia is the best football team in the nation (which they are…if they were any doubting readers), and playing with my dog. I love going back to the church I grew up in on Sundays and seeing all of my old friends. Say whatever you want, but that’s my home. Yes, college is great and I love it WAAAAAAAY more than high school, but Athens isn’t my home. When given the choice, I’d rather be at home. And here’s some of the few reasons why.

  1. The remote to the tv actually works at home!
  2. My mom’s sweet tea is on endless supply 😀
  3. My bed at home has an electric blanket (which is heavenly during the winter).
  4. I have an in-home calculus tutor (aka my dad).
  5. I can play Mario Kart with my brother any time I want (because he thinks he can beat me…he always fails :P)
  6. I have a quiet place to do my homework.
  7. Best cook in the world (aka my mom).
  8. Back home, I live about five to ten minutes from everything important (with the exception of a few friends’ houses). Here in Athens, I might be five to ten minutes but with traffic it turns into twenty to thirty :/
  9. We have HBO…I mean who doesn’t love that?
  10. My mom usually goes to the store right before I leave and buys me all kinds of good stuff (like Milano Mint cookies…if you don’t know what these are GO BUY THEM NOW. They’re heavenly!!!!).
  11. I never have to sacrifice my favorite tv shows for homework. I can t-vo (I think that’s how you spell it) them and whenever my homework’s done, I can watch it. Not in Athens. Here I have to choose. And most times when I choose tv, my roommate’s friends are over AND THEY WON’T SHUT UP (I take my tv shows very seriously).
  12. Did I mention I have the cutest dog in the world waiting for me at home? He’s the cute little puppy (that’s not really that little) in the featured image 🙂

So these are just a few reasons, and I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Have a great weekend and GO DAWGS!!!!!!


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